Donor Advised Funds

Giving becomes convenient and personal with a Donor Advised Fund, which offers a hands-on approach to philanthropy. This fund invests your charitable gift to grow tax-free for future giving. A Donor Advised Fund allows you the opportunity to make contributions to multiple Catholic or public organizations from one account. The Catholic Foundation Donor Advised Funds can be set up with as little as $5,000. Due to this fund’s personalized approach it is one of our most popular funds. A Donor Advised Fund Application is available online.

Read more about this product in our Guide to Donor Advised Funds.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate tax deduction with the option of deferred charitable distribution
  • Consolidates your charitable giving, providing administrative convenience
  • Flexibility to choose multiple grant recipients
  • Ability to add to the fund at any time
  • Make donations anonymously, if desired
  • Wish to create a family legacy of faith – name your children, grandchildren or other loved ones as successor advisors to the fund