Message from the Bishop of Evansville

Please accept my personal welcome to the website for the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Indiana. This website ultimately exists as a tribute to the generosity and foresight of those who recognize and appreciate the ongoing divine mandate of the Church to continue the mission of Jesus Christ through its various forms of ministry and service. The Catholic Foundation is certainly not an end in itself. Rather, it is a means to the end. The end, of course, is the building up of the Kingdom of God. To this end, we must be vigilant in our willingness to discern and readiness to cooperate with the will of God.

Since 1992, the Catholic Foundation has served parishes, schools and various ministries throughout the Diocese of Evansville. The Board of Directors, representing all seven deaneries, takes great care to manage nearly 400 permanent gifts that have been entrusted to their Board. I commend them for their leadership and service to our Catholic community. They have worked to ensure that these gifts are professionally managed under the guidelines of our Catholic faith.

The Catholic Foundation is one of the leading Catholic Foundations in the country assisting countless parishioners establishing Endowments, Charitable Gift Annuities and other planned gifts to serve the future of the Church in southwest Indiana. I thank those who have had the vision to establish these gifts that will help to secure our parishes, schools and other ministries. The Catholic Foundation provides a wonderful stewardship of these gifts as they continue to serve various needs throughout the Diocese.

As you might recall, the theme chosen by the Church to celebrate the new millennium, in 2000, was as follows: “Jesus Christ: Yesterday, Today and Forever.” This theme reminds us to live in the present awareness of all those who have gone before us in faith while keeping an eye toward the future of all those who will come after us. This is most profoundly realized through the witness of a grateful heart and a living faith. The Catholic Foundation embodies such witness.

As you browse this website, I encourage you to prayerfully consider your own baptismal call to be a part of the ongoing mission of Jesus Christ through his Body & Bride, the Church. The Catholic Foundation of Southwest Indiana reflects one profound way of living out one’s call to discipleship. In particular, it reflects one way of being a good steward of one’s treasure, which is necessarily connected to one’s commitment of time and talent. In all things, we pray that God will bring to fulfillment the good work begun in us.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
+Charles C. Thompson, D.D., JCL
Bishop of Evansville