The Catholic Foundation was incorporated in 1992 with direction from Bishop Francis Shea and Bishop Gerald Gettelfinger.  The founding Board members wanted to create a separate Foundation to oversee the management of the permanent gifts throughout the Diocese, while enhancing the mission of the Catholic Church. The Board appointed an Executive Director in 1995 and formalized the committee structure.  As the Foundation grew, a formal Investment policy was adopted in 1997.  The Foundation staff and Board began to communicate with parishioners the importance of planned gifts and establishing endowments for their parish and schools.

In 2002, with a portfolio of $10 million and 158 permanent endowments, the Foundation expanded the asset allocation to include more equities within the portfolio. The Foundation also implemented a strategic plan and formalized the vision statement.  The accounting operations were brought in house in 2004 and the emphasis was to establish an endowment in every parish and school within the Diocese of Evansville.  By 2010 the Foundation had grown to over 350 permanent endowments with $25 million in assets.  The portfolio now includes Charitable Gift Annuities and Donor Advised Funds, as well as Endowments.  For the last four years, the annual distributions have exceeded $1 million in total to the endowment beneficiaries.

The Catholic Foundation adopted a new logo and tag line, Creating Catholic Legacies, in 2011.  By working closely with parishes, schools, and individual donors, the Catholic Foundation makes giving simple and meaningful.  The Foundation can administer a donor’s philanthropic giving, both now and after their death.  We provide a flexible array of services that help donors shape a meaningful charitable legacy.