Saint Benedict Cathedral Legacy Society

The Saint Benedict Cathedral Legacy Society is a group of individuals who are committed to the support of Saint Benedict Cathedral Parish now and for future generations. They have made a contribution during their lifetime or have provided for a contribution through their estate plan.

We gather as members of the Saint Benedict Legacy Society to build on the foundation entrusted to us by those who went before us, and to leave an enduring legacy for those who follow us in faith.

If you already made a gift:

THANK YOU! Please let the parish staff know that you would like to be a member of the Saint Benedict Legacy Society. Call the St. Benedict Parish Office – 812-425-3369.

If you are considering becoming a member:

  • Speak with your financial advisors and family members
  • Contact the Parish Office 812-425-3369 or the Catholic Foundation 812-424-5536
  • There are many different paths and options that will qualify you for membership.
    • Make a cash gift or a gift of stock or other securities
    • Contribute to an existing Endowment
    • Create a new Endowment
    • Set up a Charitable Gift Annuity
    • Create a Donor Advised Fund
    • Name the Parish in your Will
    • Name the Parish as a beneficiary of 401(k) or 403(b), Life Insurance Policy, Individual Retirement Account, Savings or Investment Account

We at the Catholic Foundation are happy to answer questions and be of help in any way we can. Contact us at 812-424-5536 or email [email protected].

We believe in the mystery of God’s love. We celebrate the good gifts that we’ve been given to share. And we live the mystery of Jesus Christ in our care for others, especially the poor and the searching.

Click here to donate to one of the endowments of Saint Benedict Cathedral.